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B is for … July 24, 2012

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Dear Beagly,

I’ve been thinking about B since your crayon post.  I’ve had so many B things going on in recent memory; I’ll try to give you a recap.

B is for Blast-Off.  We’re finally done with schooling for the year.  The last 2-3 weeks have largely been a joke, honestly.   The last thing I felt obligated to do was the final physics lesson – launching model rockets.  We’ve never done them, so I took some advice and bought a kit with 2 rockets, plus the launching platform.   We got the rockets assembled over the weekend and took them to a local park yesterday and today to launch them.  They are VERY cool and they go CRAZY high!  Definitely a successful end to physics.

B is for Bowling.  We’ve been doing a lot of bowling lately.  One of the bowling chains in the area is offering two free games of bowling per day for children for summer vacation.  Adults can get a similar thing for $30 (that price gets you and 3 friends).  We’ve been bowling nearly every other day (sometimes we all go, sometimes Dan takes the kids and I’m home alone).  The boys now have their own balls (B is for “balls”) and shoes.  I have my own from when I was in a league in junior high and high school (for reals).    It’s been fun, and a way to have screen-free fun inside that’s semi-active.

B is for Books.  I’ve been reading all kinds of things lately.  I’ve been making better use of my Goodreads account; using it to keep track of things I want to read as well as things I have read and what I thought about them.  I’m considering letting Thing 2 get an account because he’d like to also keep track of what he’s read and what he thought about those books.  I’ve also joined a sort of blog along book and knitting thing.  It’s introduced me to new books – both for children and adults.
We’ve also recently purchased a Kindle (keyboard).   The city library system has Nooks to lend and the boys and I have enjoyed using it.  Dan did some research on ereaders and decided that the Kindle was the best bet, which is possibly true, but it seems to be easier to get non-Kindle books from the library system.  The library’s Nook goes back tomorrow (all the other library books in the house went back today to a different branch), and we’ve borrowed a friend’s Nook.  DH has been spending time playing word games on the Kindle lately.

B is for Blender.  Which is what I’ll be doing with my pre-vacation cantaloupe tomorrow.  I bought it like 5 days ago and left it on the counter, so tonight it was… well, less than fresh.  I have about half of the melon in the fridge and I’m going to see how it is in the blender with some banana and milk (since we don’t have juice).  I was going to write “C is for Cantaloupe” tomorrow, but let’s not assume I’ll be that industrious.

B is for Boards.  We put 300 square feet of laminate flooring in our living room.  We now own a table saw and mitre saw, and an unfinished living room floor 😉  The floor is basically done except for a small amount of trim that needs to be installed where the floor meets the wall in some places.  While the boys and I are gone, though, we’re getting the interior of the house painted, so we’ll just put the trim in after the walls have been painted.

and finally…

B is for Behind Schedule.  We leave in very few days.  My list is getting longer.  So, tomorrow morning Thing 2 is going to hockey camp, DH is going to work at the office, Thing 1 and I are going to the movies (and then home to do CHORES!  FYI: he passed up hockey camp for this.  He’s nuts).  I haven’t planned the laundry doing very well, so I’m slightly behind on that.  I have packing lists done for the kids and me.  We all have clothes to wear to the wedding we’re attending.  I bought a dress and sweater.  My dad has told me a dress is unnecessary (the wedding is in a park in Speculator – the groomsmen are wearing jeans and western shirts; my dad is wearing a suit.  I can’t quite get a finger on the actual dress code.  The boys are wearing cargo shorts and shirts.)

And with that, I’m off to bed so that I can get a cracking start to the morning.




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