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A is for animals April 23, 2012

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Dear Julie,

We’ve been experiencing radio silence or something since January.  Maybe it was the darkness of winter that slowed us down.  Who knows.  An online friend has been blogging thru the alphabet, so maybe having some sort of focus will help us get back on track?  Let’s see.

I think I’ve always been a cat person.  I like how snuggly cats can be, and they can be lower maintenance than dogs (wasn’t my last post about my lack of activity?  perhaps I need to rethink this).  We had a cat when I was young and she lived to be 18.  Sometime after that, my mother decided to get a dog and wrapped it up in “a boy needs a dog.”  You know who didn’t need a dog?  My brother.  I can remember being generally annoyed at the dog who would pee on beds when left alone (which forced me to become someone who keeps her door closed all the time.  I still don’t sleep with the door closed), who barked at that pulled up in front of the house (we lived in a small town, across the street from the post office where EVERYONE had to go to pick up their mail), and who cowered whenever anyone male showed up.  Super.

Early in our marriage, Dan brought home a cat for me.  Tigger was an inside/outside cat, and generally lived like a 16 year old.  Never slept in our room, tried to be on a different floor of the house than we were, and used us basically for food and door access.   Tigger lasted until Thing 1 was about 3 months old.  Having to wait any amount of time to be let out seemed to really annoy him (sorry, cat, you need to wait until I’m done nursing the baby).  One night he just didn’t come home.  It was December in Connecticut.  Dan thinks the worst.  I figure he found a nice lady with tuna and more liberal door policies.

When we moved out here, we considered getting another animal, but we were generally of the mind that the kids weren’t going to get a pet until they could keep their own things cleaned up (bwahahahahahahahahaha).  Thing 1 definitely wants a dog, but is still (at 11) non-committal about the cleaning up aspects of dog ownership.  He’d be a huge fan of a dog who used a litter box, but doesn’t want to pick up poo when walking the neighborhood.  I have nearly zero interest in dog ownership, and am not interested in adding dog-related nagging to my list.  Thing 2 wanted a cat, probably because they’re all smaller than he is and generally calmer.

Now we have Gizmo.  Gizmo is a “hand-me-down” cat that we got from Dan’s friend who was moving in with a woman who had non-cat friendly dogs.  Gizmo is an Oriental shorthair.  She’s LOUD.  So very, very loud.  For a while Dan was her BFF, but apparently she has sensed his indifference, and moved on to me.   Which is fine in general.  In specific it means things like her sitting at the foot of the computer chair, or skulking around the living room yowling waiting for a lap to be provided to her.   She sat on the back of the couch one evening while I did the dishes in the kitchen, yowling LOUDLY for me to sit the hell down, already, woman.   It’s fun when she decides she wants a lap downstairs at 3am and yowls to let us know.  Especially when she then also comes back upstairs, yowling the whole time until she gives up and lays down on our bed.    This is not the cat I would’ve picked.  Thing 2 is a little heartbroken because he loves her SO much and she won’t sleep with him (he’s become someone who now wants his door closed at night because the meowing wakes him), and almost never sits on his lap.   He will, however, do cat related tasks without batting an eye.


In other news, we’ve been keeping up with the dishes in the evening, which feels good.  I’ve also set a goal of not having laundry sit in the laundry room or living room for more than 24 hours.  I’d like it gone faster than that, but I’m cutting myself some slack in the face of general life.  I also managed to reclaim 3 laundry baskets from the upstairs landing that had become “where sheets sit forever.”  I need to figure out where I can put the sheet’s for Thing 1’s room.   I don’t have a good place right now.

I’ve been listening to brain candy for books (Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series).  I also just read all three Hunger Games book the traditional way.    I think I read the second half of the second book and the third book too quickly (I was trying to pace myself sort of slowly with them).  I’m struggling with what I think about them.  I really enjoyed the first.

What’s up with you?  Do you want to write your own A or take B or scrap the plan?

Soda crackerly yours,

Amey 🙂



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