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Two steps back January 11, 2012

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Dear Julie,

I’m feeling a little frustrated with myself and my lack of good time management skills and general laziness.  I decided over the weekend that I needed to go to bed earlier so that I could get up earlier and get some exercise in before the boys get up.  Once they’re up I’m on the clock.  Excellent plan.

And then the alarm went off.  At 7am. I hit snooze 3 times (apparently my ipod gives me 6 minutes of snooze??), and then I just didn’t want to put my contacts in first thing in the morning so I decided to review the kids’ work from the previous day over a cup of tea and set up the schedule for today.  At which point it was 830, the boys were up and I needed to keep them on task if they were going to get their work done in time for us to leave for the park in the afternoon.   Dan’s cousin MB flew in on Saturday with his grandparents who have a winter “house” on the other side of the city.  The boys really wanted her to go with us to the park and she was willing to go.  That meant a 40 minute drive to go get her followed by 45 minutes to the park.  Working backwards, that meant leaving around noon if I wanted to get gas, pick up lunch (because I haven’t been to the store in 5+ days because of assorted things going on, so while there IS food in the house there isn’t “easy to make for lunch” food), pick up MB and get to the park around 2 so that we could play for several hours.  We left the park at 5, got home at 6 (yay!  Rush hour traffic!), picked up dinner (nearly devoid of nutrition) and ate.  That brought us to 715.  The kids asked to use computers until bedtime (at 8 ) and Dan took MB home.  I put the kids to bed with several rounds of “it’s a toilet, not a library” and “the floor is not a hamper” and now it’s 930 and oh look – almost time for bed.  Exercise = 0.

I should look at the kids’ work NOW so that I don’t have to do it in the morning.  I should look at it as soon as it’s done (and update the next day’s schedule appropriately – I’m using an online schedule tracker this year to see if that’s any easier, and it is in some ways).  I just don’t want to.  I want to be off the clock now.

So, I’ll go sit in the couch and knit some socks for a little while and then put myself to bed.  I’m going to need to come up with some plan other than “exercise first thing in the morning” because I’m realizing that  contacts problem is a recurring one – I just don’t want to put them in first thing if I don’t have to.  It’s much nicer if I’ve been up for a couple of hours first.   I’d consider exercising (right now I’m just thinking “walk steadily around the neighborhood for 30+ minutes) in the afternoon, but  I can’t do that Tuesday or Wednesday because of other commitments.  Maybe i could do it after dinner those nights?  I talked to Morley once and she would run three miles after dinner most nights while John dealt with dinner clean up and evening house things.  Perhaps I just need to buck up.

How do you fit exercise into your schedule?  Do you have some suggestions for me?

Running out of things that fit,



2 Responses to “Two steps back”

  1. Julie Says:

    Yeah. That kind of sucks. It’s the kind of day that is not necessarily bad, but is so frustrating. I feel like that a lot of the time. Tonight, as I wiped up the counter after I spent all day writing a grant, making dinner, cleaning stuff up…I thought to myself, there has got to be some mom out there who gets the children in bed, and then just…you know…relaxes and does things that like make her happy. There is, right? a mom. Not just some chick. Hang in there–soon they will be teenagers, and all you’ll do is clean up and feed them. Hugs!

  2. amey Says:

    I did manage to walk at least 30 minutes Sunday and Monday and felt all virtuous. Go me! Today was Tuesday/Park Day madness so I didn’t even bother, especially since Nicholas said he wanted to do “Pond” Hockey at 6pm (thus pushing dinner back ’til about 730).
    I did a mess of dishes this morning from all the chopping and food prep I did yesterday. There were a couple of things that had to soak and Dan said he’d do them while we were out. His day got busy and so he didn’t get to them and after all the park and late dinner craziness, I just didn’t want to. I remembered at 10pm that the exterminator is coming tomorrow at 815am. Super. Before bed tonight I stacked the massive things that have to be hand washed (giant stock pot that I used to stir granola bar goo, two half sheet pans, the stock pot I used to make soup today, 2 glass 9×13 pans I used for something, etc) so now half of the kitchen island is covered in dirty dishes, the floor really needs to be swept and mopped and I’m just going to bed. I don’t care right now. But i HATE it when the kitchen is a disaster and the exterminator is coming. Oh, and there are lego all over the playroom floor.
    I am complete crap at housework.

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